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Before I talk about me as a photographer, let's talk a bit about you. I'm committed to your satisfaction as a customer. All prints you purchase come with a Happiness Guarantee. This means that, up until a full year after purchase, if you don't remain happy with your picture you get a 100% refund, no questions asked.

If an image speaks to you: if it inspires or lifts your spirits; if it educates or communicates something important; even if it just makes you smile, then I know I've made a good photograph.

As you view my images you’ll find out a lot about me. For instance, I see the natural world as not just a grand gallery of artworks, but also it's where we come home. I believe anyone, no matter how city-bred, can gain a sense of renewal and connection in nature. It really where we truly belong.

Probably also apparent is my love for travel. The world is a big, beautiful and fascinating place, and my travel images aim to show people and the wonderful places they call home in a way that tells their story realistically but beautifully. Meeting people and learning about their cultures is a big reason I travel.

I hope through my photos to tell you something about what makes all of us unique, and all that we share. So despite all my images of nature and landscape, I am also a photographer of people, especially in candid moments: with family or friends, with their pets, or simply by themselves.

I’m very serious about photography as art, as a way to communicate what is more difficult (even impossible) to say with words. I don't tend to shoot popular subjects or incorporate trendy looks into my images. There is a sameness in popular photography today, especially in the landscape arena. My personality has always made me uncomfortable with following others. For better or worse, I tend to take my own path. So in making images I can't help but do the same thing.

My influences from without are as numerous and varied as this beautiful world is. Influences from within include my past careers as a geologist and teacher, and all continues to inform my photography. For example my landscape photos often highlight the spectacular geologic features of a place.

I have a strong affinity for nature and animals of all kinds, so that's a major influence as well. I love horses and dogs and have owned both. But I'm also very comfortable around wild animals, which I feel is the biggest factor in photographing them successfully.

Global travel has given me a keen awareness of the way humans have lived with and affected our environment, and also how we've become estranged from it. But we remain forever connected - to each other and to the earth which gives us everything.

I'm an avid blogger, and my newer images turn up there with interesting back-stories or in an educational context. Please click on the Blog link or Wordpress icon above to see what's current.

Ongoing projects include a focus on the landscapes and cultural history of the American West. I am exploring effects of ongoing climatic, economic and cultural changes taking place in the west as a whole, and on American Indian communities in particular.

Please click the Contact link above if you have any questions, and thanks so much for your visit!

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