How to Purchase Images

I'm very happy that you're interested in my images! You probably noticed that annoying MJF Images on each image. Sorry 'bout that, it has to be there because not many people know about intellectual property rights.  But when you make a purchase that watermark will not be there, promise. And you get the highest resolution and quality possible.

While it's quite simple to click the contact link above and send me an email, the following will give you some guidelines on what to include in that email, in order to get the best (and quickest) price quote. While you're at it, please at least skim the section at the bottom, which explains what you as a photo buyer are actually getting (and what you're not getting).

HAPPINESS GUARANTEED  At the moment you buy a print here you're getting a Happiness Guarantee. That is, you must be happy with your art for a full year after purchase, or you get a full refund, with no questions asked and no need to return.


Step 1.  Click Browse Images above and peruse the galleries of images. Just click the thumbnail (example) photos to get where you want to go. You can also search for images using keywords.

Step 2.  As you find all the images that you're interested in, jot down their titles. All of the images have both a title and a caption. I'll need the title. But in order to avoid any confusion, please consider forwarding links. Click on the photo and get it up on the screen all by itself, with no other photos displayed but the one you want (the title is at bottom). Highlight and copy the url at the top of your browser. Then paste that url right into your message right next to the image title.

Step 3.  Once you know which photos you want, it's time to email or call me. My phone is 01 (503) 313-3527, in the U.S. For each image you want to buy, I'll need to know two main things: (1) what form you'd like them in (prints, downloads?); and (2) how many copies. Is there another kind of form you want the image(s) in, like greeting cards, calendars, mugs, etc.?

PRINTS.  If you're interested in prints, there are a few choices to make.

Size:  How large do you need? Most people tend to think way too small. As a rule of thumb, 8x10" is good for tables or mantle-tops.. For hanging, 16x20" (or 16x24") is a good minimum, though you can go down to about 13x19" if it's going in an office or small room. For larger rooms, 20x30" or 24x36" will impress yet not dominate.  

Quantity:  Next, think about how many you need. Do you want other copies so you can check a loved one off your Christmas list? Do you need more copies but at different sizes?

Print Media:  Decide on medium. Do you want the prints on high-quality archival paper or something else?  Canvas is the obvious alternative to paper, but there are many amazing ways to display images now. Metal can look very striking. Like canvas, frame-less can look great and also save money. And you get your artwork all ready to hang. Bamboo has become popular, as have fabrics other than canvas. Be creative!

Frames & Shipping:  With fine-art paper prints, ordering it already framed is an option, but you will pay extra for shipping somewhat fragile frames. For metal and canvas stretched onto a frame, shipping is a bit extra too. Shipping for paper or rolled canvas is free.

Other Products:  If you're interested in postcards, T-shirts, mugs, frig magnets, keychains or anything else, let me know what you have in mind and I will be happy to quote a good package price. I'd also be happy to do custom calendars from a set of images you choose!

DOWNLOADS.  If you need high-resolution downloads for websites, brochures, educational displays, etc., the more information you can give in your message, the quicker we can arrive at a price and the sooner you get your images!

Size:  What image size (pixels) and resolution (dpi or ppi) do you need? If you're not sure of pixels, what kind and size of display? Will it cover the full screen of a website? Will you be printing it as well, and at what size (1/2 page, full page, larger?).  

Uses:  What are the image(s) going to be used for? To market or advertise? To educate? To be put in an online or physical book, report, journal or magazine?

Distribution:  How long will you need to display or distribute it? Also, how widely will the image be distributed (your city, state, the whole country)? 

Type of Organization: Is it for a business, non-profit, or other organization? What kind of business or other organization is using it, and about how big is the organization?

That's it! Just give as much information as you can and I'll email you back with any other questions, in order to come up with the best price. And don't hesitate if you'd prefer the phone: (503) 313-3527. Thanks so very much for your interest, and have a great week or weekend!

Michael Flaherty, MJF Images


Realize that when you purchase a photograph from me or any other photographer, what you are buying are rights, not the actual image. The copyright for any photograph belongs to the person who captured it with a camera. It's just like any art (painting and writing for example). This is federal law, in the U.S. as well as most countries in the world. Downloading images from the internet without permission is, unless otherwise specified, illegal.

When you purchase high-resolution downloads, the usage rights need to be spelled out. If you're buying prints or other durable media to display the image on (T-shirts, mugs, etc.), that framed picture or other piece of art is yours. You just can't reproduce it, say by scanning, without permission from the artist. That would be an additional usage right. And if you do reproduce it, you certainly can't legally assume the copyright - that is, make believe you are the author of the photograph.  

I hope this has helped clear up a little issue that you may not have known was even an issue. But if you have any questions about this or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks a bunch for reading!

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